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Take a look at my gallery. I specialize in writing and photography. :heart:


You see him but you don't know him,
the boy with the knife in his backpocket
and the scars on his knuckles.
He is a stray shooting star,
he hides words under his tongue
and when he looks at you
his eyes are just like the sea before a storm.
He's a hurricane.
Steps on autumn leaves
and leaves ash behind.
He hums Led Zeppelin under his breath
and on his chest he has carved his own
You don't know him,
but you see him now
scrapping the pavement with his knees
and you remember that monsters
don't always hide under beds.
you never told me
that your hands have carved songs
into the trees
or that your eyes darken a bit
every time a star dies
you never told me that
you have galaxies running in your veins
and that when you scream into the night
it's because they explode
you only told me that
even though you have
the cosmos
inside you
all you want is
my black holes
all you want
Another poem written at 4 a.m or so. Is this becoming a habit? Who knows?
Please comment?
I always forget what you smell like
after you wash yourself with gunpowder
I always forget that blood smells rusty
as it smears your sharp
cheekbones and winged shoulderblades,
as it pools in the cavity of your collarbone,
and that when I kiss your fingers
I can taste
the mud
and the dirt
and the death
holed up in your knuckles.
I always forget how you look at me
after you've given yourself up
with eyes olive-green and dotted with gold
how paleness has draped itself all over your face
how your freckles stand out against it
shaped like constellations
(only darker)
how your jawline twitches with the
etched all over the soft stubble
that scrapes my palm.
(“I forgive you.”)
I always forget what you are like
after you've killed.
the darkest constellation
omg somebody stop me from writing sad poems at 4 am :P
Anyways, I kind of have this story in my head of two people that are on the run and have lost too much and all they have is each other. I hope you like it. Please comment? :)
This is the story of two boys
that lost too much.
The older one was born with a gun in his hand
and the other one had beautiful eyes
if it weren't for how they blackened with demon blood.
They knew each other
because they were all that was left.
One day, the boy with the gun
tried to save the world
and ended up to be the black-eyed one.
Then his brother picked up the gun.


Dora M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

✩Formerly known as Doritos1996✩

"There are four questions of value in life: What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love." ~Johnny Depp

For as long as I can remember, writing has been my release. A way to escape reality and emerge myself in a world where I can control everything; in a world which I can shape according to my will and ignore the hardships and the vanity real life brings. Some say being a writer is the solution of the coward - one that refuses to look life in the eye when it strikes him and strike back. I don't believe that. True, writers do not fight life. They embrace it. And if this, too, marks me as a coward, then so be it.

What do I like? I am a huge fan of fantasy, Dragons, Middle Ages, adventure, photography, night, rain, sketching, reading, writing. I am currently writing a book on my own, so I have little time to write stuff for dA, but please stay tuned.
Want to know me better? Don't be afraid to send me a note, I am a very friendly person, even though my bio may seem a little bit serious and grim. xD

In case you are wondering about my fandoms, check out my tumblr or take a look at these stamps to see the things I mostly fangirl about:

Hawke Stamp by SpannedSoul Supernatural stamp by kshapiro Lord of the rings stamp by vero-g6-stamps SH I am SHER-Locked Stamp by TwilightProwler I HEART TIM BURTON MOVIES by erana DragonLance Stamp by NikkouChan We Are The Grey Wardens Stamp by SillySnowFox I love to write Stamp by HappyStamp Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori You Can Like by GreedLin Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Game of Thrones Stamp by pixelworlds Animated Merlin stamp by RavenclawMerlinFan The Hobbit by clio-mokona Loki by Capsicles

Please Write a Critique by LumiResources

Blog: (not updated anymore)
Hey, everyone! It's actually a very warm evening here in Greece and what better way to spend warm evenings than dA, right? Well, as you probably guessed from the title, I decided to do another feature! But before that, let me bore you with an update about myself. 

So, school's over for me and university comes next. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. I guess things are getting kinda serious with my life, you know? The future stares at me, waiting for me to make decisions, but it's another part of life so I'm willing to go explore it when the time comes. For now, I spend time going out with my buddies and obsessing over fictional characters of TV shows, movies and books. Life is... good. Also, I'm back at writing! After a long time of absense, I finally have time to write as much as my heart desires! A new idea for a book is slowly taking shape and I'm really excited to see how it turns out. Also, I wrote a couple of pieces for dA. Here is the one I'm most proud of, in case anyone would like to check it out (feedback is always welcome and means a lot, so thanks in advance if you decide to leave me some):

When We Dead Sing.Whenever I think of Death, I picture a fleshless form, buried inside a hovering and torn black cloak; a face with gaunt features and sunken eye sockets, empty of emotion and meat, long, knuckled fingers cradling skulls like infants, while the dead behind him sing. And then I remember it’s the twenty-first century and that he might come as a handsome man wearing a black suit, driving a black, classic shiny Chevy Bel Air and drinking Dalmore whiskey from crystal-made glasses, the kind that ring when you snap them with your finger.
I never pictured him like this.
There’s only one thing I like about this world, and that’s the sky. The feeling of soaring above anything that holds you down, of touching the endless blue hue with wings that are not even your own, of effortlessly gliding—hanging, lingering—between two worlds, one so different than the other. The way you can see how small you are: a speck drowning in all the vastness; the way you can realize how suf

Now, without further delay, let's proceed to the feature!


Helena by M0THart   Banded Demoiselle  in Gold by thrumyeye

The First Light by ratulupadhyay    amnesia by TolisMark

Digital Art

20140719ame2-fin by ptromea     Grenzo's Cutthroat by velinov

CS: Alex by rynisyou  Untitled by pompei77 Azizi by AntarcticSpring

Journey by Barbeanicolas  Black Castle by jungpark


CrystalI take a deep breath, as the alarm awakens me to the dawn of a new day. Another moment of realization that I'm going to be living, breathing, walking, speaking, and existing - another individual, another human, another soul. Pity the alarm's something melancholic and inspirational at the same time, as if there's going to be hope ahead of me, and all I have to do is smile, grab it, launch it in the air, and  be glad I did that action.
Whatever it is meant to signify is irrelevant now. It is a sequence of events that I cannot disrupt - who can disrupt the sequence in which all things in this world begin and end? - and that is the truth which guides me onward to what I intend on doing today. Because if I don't, I will find myself in an abyss. It is an entity we all must acknowledge invariably. It’s a chasm where we ponder over what drove us onward, what guided us onward, what made us who we are, and in the end, it was this emptiness wherein I found myself remembering her.
I mis
I first realised there was something wrong when she kept waking up covered in bruises. She would look towards me and her eyes were blank in the morning light: everything reflected on the surface. There was something indefinably missing, her eyes were made of glass and black ball bearings. She would sit and look right through me, her eyes constantly unfocussed and fixed on the wall behind my head. There was something that I found unsettling about this inexplicable absence within her. She would stop speaking for hours and I would find her late at night, curled up in the corner of the spare room, holding an old frayed teddy bear and singing nursery rhymes in a detached whisper. She would sing in an softly melancholic, ephemeral voice that used to know the tune, but had somehow left the melody behind, forgotten and lost.
I tried to get the doctors to help me, but there didn’t seem to be any medication they could prescribe that could bring her back to me. They told me that she was a l
   SurrenderThere are words I don't recognize
on the walls of my contentment.
I'm not sure what language they're in
or who wrote them, but I do know
that they say something about surrender.
I've given up more times
than I've given anything else.
That’s how you found me. Curled up,
knees to my chest, trembling. And you
in your good nature mistook my weakness
for prayer.
   Haunt me my misery, my loveI feel like crying myself to sleep,
and hope I'd wake up
to a new world where you don't exist.
Where streets don't have a past
songs have no special meaning
and people no longer ask about us.
Or maybe I'd bang my head against a wall,
to slip into a blissful amnesia 
and no longer recall your voice.
I wish for a seasonless Earth
without the burning heat of July
nor the rainy days of December.
Just an eternal night, with endless snow
where the fog on the cold windows
is not tainted with the letters of your name.
I wish to take my love back,
pour it into glasses of wine
and drink to the melodies of madness
we joyfully chanted to hollow wind.
I pray and plead for a dreamless snooze, 
away from the fires your lips hold
and the sighs of my old bed
when it feels the lack of your warmth.
Maybe I'll pull the covers over myself and curl,
try to convince myself I don't feel pain
and hope to forget you, run away,
and slowly cry myself to sleep
into a land no longer haunted with our
   SKYRIMHave you heard the legend of the Dragonborn?
or seen his Army as it blows his battle horn?
A collector of the relic masks
Accomplisher of the Daedric tasks
A caster of spells and reader of Tolms
A God among men, shoots fire from palms
The bounty on his head
would make you wish you were dead
A house in every kingdom
And every bar he'd drink rum
But who wouldn't if you killed Aldvin?
the Dragon of the worst sin
To him its just another day in Skyrim
so fill his cup up to the rim.

So, that's all folks! Give those deviations the love they deserve! Have a nice summer!
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